Roy Grinnell, Artist of the Aces

Roy Grinnell, Artist of the Aces


Book Details:

Roy's new aviation art art book is a hard cover coffee table book, with dust jacket. It is printed on high quality paper, and the paintings look very much like the originals. The dimensions of the book are 12" x12" x1.3", 195 pages containing 159 images. The weight of the substantial book is 4 pounds. The book was published in France, but is considered an international book since it is in both French with English translations within the same book.


Roy's new book is a Marvel.

jean holding roy grinell's new book

"I just received this book, and I must say that I'm very impressed with the quality of the paper used for the almost 200 pages and the hard cover. As usual, printed books are a lot better than watching a monitor, even if it's of the utmost quality. The printing of the numerous paintings is perfect and the colors are very faithful to the originals. The format is just under 12" x 12", and the weight of the book is about 4 lbs, which is not a criterium but it shows that the editor, Bamboo, did not "cut corners" on the quality. The numerous portraits of pilots which come with many of the paintings are not photographs but actual oil painting that Roy has done in a very nice sepia color. Each text clearly and precisely explains each painting which represent battle facts that no photograph will ever be able to show. In a few words, this is a book that every aviation and art lover must have in his personal library. The price is very reasonable, and since Xmas is just around the corner, it will be an ideal present. Congratulations to the editor who have produced such a brilliant book which pays tribute to an artist with an exceptional talent!"
– BD

Pictures are better than words.
– Afroula


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