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Lightning Strikes a Komet


July 29, 1944, near Wesermunde. 'She Has-Ta' of the 100th BG is in bad shape trying to get home. Capt. Art Jeffrey of the 479th FG has found the bomber and is near idle providing cover and helping navigate a course to safety. Checking his '6', Art spots what turns out to be a Me-163 Komet trying to attack the crippled bomber from behind. Turning into the rocket, Art breaks up the attack and then pursues with full power. Hits are seen to register all over the Komet, and Art heads home to England. "She Has-Ta' continues on making it to the North Sea, ditching with the loss of one crewman, the others POW's for the duration. Art is credited 60 years later by navigator Bob Fulkerson for saving the lives of this 100th BG crew.

This was the first victory over the Me-163 Komet and the only one scored in the P-38 Lightning. It is Art's 2nd kill. At the end of his combat tour, Art Jeffrey, age 26, was a Lt. Colonel in command of the 434th Fighter Squadron. He was the 479th Fighter Group's top scoring ace with 14 confirmed aerial victories.

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